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Definition of "Maladroits"

Not adroit; clumsy; inept; awkward.



Maladroits Revenge early season defeat

Richard Newman reporting

  • v Drovers CC
  • Regents Park
  • Saturday 14th June
  • Won by 5 wickets


Drovers 162 all out, Maldroits 163 for 5


The Maladroits ventured to Regents Park for the second of what was to become a thrilling triple header against the Drovers. Having grasped defeat from the mouth of certain victory in the first game they were fired up and ready for action.

The day started with a training session in the nets for Moore and Newman, lead by their Captain Brewer.

After a long toss Brewer decided to put the Drovers in to bat and release his now highly trained opening bowlers. Sadly things did not go to plan Newman's "slower ball" was wide off the mark and Moore after performing a brilliant one hand pick up on the boundary was only able to throw the ball 1 metre (to his left). Miraculously Newman managed to pick up a wicket and Moore got two, one of which was a rarely spotted Maladroit catch in the slips by Chadley.

Having completely ignored Moore's hat trick ball the Captain decided a change was in order and the now battered ball was passed to Chris and JC. After working his keeper down the leg side JC caught the batsman unaware by putting one on his off, the batsman in shock took a big swing and dragged the ball onto his stumps prompting shameless celebrations from JC.

The fielding was however not up to the high standards that we have grown to expect this season with a number of catches going down, one of which prompted the worst excuse in cricket "the sun was in my eyes" (You know who you are Beastie). Peter Britten started the day in first slip but after bringing some tour form (Guffbo) with him he was gradually moved along the line away from his Captain and finished the day at point.

Having foolishly fallen on his backside Brewer attempted to invigorate his team particularly "Phil" prompting a between over exchange of "my names Peter".

Another bowling change saw successes for both Beastie and Ryder as the quality of the Drovers batsman plummeted. The Drovers innings finished at 162 all out with Chadley taking 2 for 10, which if he didn't get round to telling you is one better then Mr Watts but we all now what happened there!

Tea was poor and the less said the better.

The Maladroits chase started positively with JC and Ward blanking out the banter and focusing on their game. Ward however fell to a wonder ball with the General bowling him around his legs. In came Phil/Pete however his suspect technique quickly lead to questions being asked and the realisation he was not actually the all rounder Brewer thought he had acquired mid weak. Fortunately he was quickly dismissed and Ryder strode out to restore some Maladroit pride.

JC (42) fell to the much dreaded moon ball and Chadley (2 for 10, did you know?) hit a quick fire 25 before missing the straight one. With wickets falling the growing crowd of supporters cheered as they anticipated and exciting climax to a great day of cricket. Sadly they were watching the game on the next pitch but their calibre was appreciated.

Captain Brewer deciding it was time to steady the ship and improve his average promoted himself up the order again. In a final attempt to prompt a Maladroit collapse Ryder (25) fell caught and bowled but it was not to be as Brewer (25) and Moore guided the Maladroits comfortably home finishing on 163 for 5.

The stage had been set the series was tied at one a piece and the Maladroits were on a high. If only Captain Brewer could get home safely without being eaten by the bear and country boys Ryder and Beastie could find their way onto the right tube dazzled by the bright lights of the big city.

MOM Chad Billington (2 for 10, 1 slip catch and 25 runs)
DOD Mushtaq Moore (for comedy throw at fine leg)
FIELDER Chad Billington (1 slip catch seems to win it)