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Definition of "Maladroits"

Not adroit; clumsy; inept; awkward.



v Menorca (sunday game)


  • Menorca
  • 25th May 2008
  • Won by 7 wickets
  • Weather- Overcast with sunny spells

Bowes and Christie return to boost Maladroits

Menorca 184 all out, Maladroits 185 for 3


A Some weary Maladroits took the field on the Sunday for the second game of the tour after another heavy night out in the flesh pots of Menorca. Some were looking worse than others and the lack of sleep was plain for all to see. Luckily, those trusty tourists Moore, Britten, Ryder and Lees were up early for their hearty breakfast before the game. Some of the team didn’t quite make breakfast and strangely declined Gumbo’s offer of a baguette with his “special” sauce on it.


Luckily the drivers knew their way to the ground and the histrionics of yesterday was not repeated as everyone turned up in reasonable time (even Tricky’s car made it). Jc, skippering for the day, won the toss and decided it would probably be best for the Maladroits to get the potentially difficult job of fielding out of the way whilst the majority of the team were still upright. Christie and Moore opened the bowling and started off with good lines and made it difficult for the batsmen. Christie struck straight away and the Maladroits were up and running. Moore bowled a tidy spell from the other end and was unfortunate not to take wickets as he had two chances put down by the hungover Bowes at 1 st slip. Moore conceded only 6 runs from his 4 overs, whilst Christie picked up another wicket.


Menorca ’s best batsman at number 4 started to find his feet and punish anything loose. He was especially harsh on the dross that Edwatts sent down and he managed to keep the scoreboard ticking along. Westcott picked up a wicket to restrict the Menorcan innings, and JC turned to spin but neither Lees, Bowes or Rod were as effective as they might have been. Chad came on to bowl tidily and eventually JC brought himself on to bowl and bowled some good overs that culminated in the big wicket as JC rattled his timbers when the number 4 was on 85. Christie also returned to the attack to pick up a further wicket and finish with impressive figures of 3-27 off 7 overs.


Some great Maladroit fielding restricted the runs and even culminated in 2 run outs, a special mention should also go to Chad for a superb one handed stop on the boundary and excellent throw. It was like watching a Derek Randall (he used to be great in the 70’s & 80’s) masterclass. Menorca were restricted to 184 all out, a total that Maladroits thought was competitive but definitely attainable against a team featuring at least 3 school boys.


Tea was the standard affair of a third of a baguette (with condiments) and fairy cakes, and after the Maladroit innings got under way with Bowes, trying to make up for his shocker in the field, and Boozer. The school boy who opened for the Menorcan’s bowled at a fair lick and looks like he could be a decent player in the future. However, it probably didn’t need Boozer to give him a confidence boost by hanging his bat out to dry at a wide one and depart in the first over. Missed the boat a bit there to be honest Boozer. Thoughts of a Maladroit collapse ran through the team, but these were unfounded as new batsman Westcott and Bowes played with authority and started to pile the runs on.


Some beautiful shots were played all round the wicket, with Bowes stylish as ever and Westy brutal against any dross sent down. It was visible that a couple of the Menorcan heads dropped when faced with the onslaught as both passed 50 in a flash. The game was slipping away from the Menorcans when Bowes was LBW attempting a reverse sweep for a well deserved 59. Bowes restored his damaged reputation as a fine cricketer, but not enough to avoid the DOTD award for his ineptitude in the field.


Rod came out to join Westy at the crease and they both led the Menorcans on a merry dance as Rod plundered a 40 from just over 20 balls and the game was all but won when he was out. It was left to yesterdays DOTD Edwatts to find redemption and hit the winning runs as the Maladroits passed the total of 184 with only 3 wickets down. Westy finished on a superb 74 not out and walked off deserved MOTM award with a cracking knock.


The team was pleased to finish with honours even after two games with their superb hosts, Menorca C.C. A great ground and friendly people ensured that all the boys enjoyed their time immensely and maintained the success of the Maladroit tours. Special mention must go to Boozer for all his organisation and his two trusty lieutenants JC and Bowesy for all their help in making a fine tour that will stay long in the memory, even if the Menorcan wrestling juice made some of it a bit hazy.

Phil Westcott (74*)
Bowesy (for Poor chat and three drops)
Leesy (Jonty Rhodes in the Covers)
Collapse Scale