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Definition of "Maladroits"

Not adroit; clumsy; inept; awkward.



Quality bowling seals a classic Maladroit comeback ..


Hugh Rodgers reporting

  • v Chairmans XI
  • Sheen Park
  • Sunday August 16th
  • Maladroits won by 5 runs

Maladroits 137 all out, Chairmanx XI 132 all out


Sunday 16th August brought some cracking weather and a superb game of cricket ensued under the glorious sunshine. As usual the 1pm sharp kick off time was slightly postponed, but in this case for other reasons than being a “man down” lounging in bed post a night on the tiles. There was grass on the wicket and we wanted to play cricket; but it needed mowing! An enthusiastic Aussie (probably slightly less chippy now post the result on Sunday!) in the opposing team stepped up to do the job but not before being dragged out to the square by the mower having not worked out its controls properly.


JC was skipper for the day but unfortunately lost the toss so the Maladroits were swiftly put into bat by the Chairmen’s captain who, knowing our team well, having played for us previously was betting on an MCC collapse.


A Good bet, as never wanting to disappoint, we sped to an impressive 5 for 3 in the first 4 overs! A shame, given Fred and Bowesy were looking good in the face of some pretty impressive bowling. Bowesy was first to fall, caught at backward square leg whipping one of his hips which he didn’t quite get hold of properly. Fred followed quickly, bowled, having left the gate open to what looked like a very good ball. This left Tesco’s arch nemesis and our resident celebrity chef (Hugh F-W) at the crease having not faced a ball with Boozer freshly in at the other end. Sadly, this was not a long partnership with the normally very reliable Charlie dismissed first ball LBW (Bealo), which looked from Hugh’s end chicken soup. Charlie later remarked that this was his first “goldy” since school, where he cried and refused to talk to anyone for the rest of the day. Fortunately in this instance he “manned up” and took it on the chin. Leesy was next in wearing a lid and sporting what could only be described as a seriously impressive amount of bead about his face and body for a man who had not yet faced a ball. Despite a slightly shaky start and not being “able to see for bead” for the first few overs Leesy got into his flow striking some lovely cover drives and cuts on his way to the top score of the day of 36.


The bowling attack really was really very useful and there wasn’t much to feast on in terms of a buffet; but Rod put away a few boundaries also and between him and Less they had put on seventy odd to steady the ship. Drinks at 20 overs and the break as often is the case brought wickets afterwards with Rod going for a fairly massive swipe and nicking one to the keeper who took a good diving catch. Lees went the next ball after driving one in the air straight to mid-off. However, Carrington and Bealo struck up a useful partnership. JC took on the bowling as he always does with some big hitting and Phil backing it up with some nice boundaries from pull shots. However, the bowling remained good and soon both Phil and JC were back in the pavilion. This was not going to be a high scoring day with Retter, Brenner and Newman dismissed cheaply with Lock stoically hanging onto to his wicket for a breath taking 2 not out. 136 all out was the total, not fantastic but given the start it could have been a lot worse!


Tea was served and provided for by the opposition. A good all round spread was the verdict scoring 68% with the five sausage medley stealing the show. However, Locky had a different view scoring it only at 50% declaring that “cucumber, sour crème, and pickle had no place in the one sandwich” – he had a point!


Play resumed and with 35 overs to get 136 we had to admit we were not massively hopeful. However, Bealo opened up the proceedings with some impressive swing bowling delivered with gusto prompting some hope in the ranks. He looked sharp and continued in that vein pinning them down and taking 2 for 30 off for his troubles. A great spell and well nominated for best bowling of the day by a number of the team. Tricky was next on at the other end but unfortunately felt the wrath of their most promising batsmen finishing the over having gone for 17. However, hope springs eternal with Bealo striking first and followed quickly by JC who spurred on the presence of his Mrs took a key wicket ensuring we were still in the game at the 10 overs mark. Indeed, wickets came quickly after that with Auld and Bowesy spinning a masterful web of spin to take 3 wickets each for 23 and 22 respectively.


Fred produced one of the moments of the day though with a “Gilo” like dismissal leaving the batsmen bemused at the “one that went straight on”. However, moment of the day went to JC with a superb catch diving forward off Fred’s bowling. The day looked to be heading our way. Good catching is not a phrase synonymous with MCC cricket but today was different as Charlie kept superbly taking an excellent diving catch down leg side to send one of their best batsmen packing. However, with wickets the falling the scoreboard had been ticking over also with one of their middle scoring well. It was getting tense and with only six needed to win with one remaining wicket JC made an inspired decision and handed the ball to Alex “Eddie Hemmings” Lees who had just stopped sweating and looked up for the challenge. One ball was all it took to dismiss their number eleven and victory was ours! A very closely fought game in the end that had plenty in it for everyone – most enjoyable and a great MCC victory which has to be said was grabbed from the jaws of defeat with an excellent all round team effort.



MOM – Lees

DOD – Tricky (hitting himself in the face with the ball from his own throw – special)

Fileder – Charlie Brewer (superb keeping and great catch)

Special moment – JCs catch