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Definition of "Maladroits"

Not adroit; clumsy; inept; awkward.



Droits undone by schoolboys ..


JC Carrington reporting

  • v Charterhouse Maniacs

Maniacs CC 224 for 8, Maladroits 136 all out


Once again, Charterhouse provided a stunning setting for our annual show down with the Maniacs and for the first time in the last couple of years of this fixture the sun was shining.


Having put the last defeat behind us, the Maladroits were looking aggressive in the nets as we warmed up - Tricky bowling his usual looseners and Dom perfecting his forehand cross court shot. Having lost the toss, the opposition decided to bat and our opening bowlers (the afore mentioned) did not let their captain down. Some good early season pace and tight lines resulted in early chances. Unfortunately a slight lack of fielding practice let us down and a several catches went down. The most unfortunate of the opening bowlers was Dom Moore who had 4 dropped catches off his bowling. Despite this Dom finished with 3 wickets for his efforts as he made his annual extra commitment against his old school. Tricky matched his opening bowling partner with 3 wickets but there is certainly room for improvement on his celebrations.


Even with a change in bowlers the comedy fielding continued acuminating in yet another dropped catch, this time as a result of head on collision between JC and Tim Doyle. Despite sustaining a back injury, Tim was able to carry on and like any good captain, Charlie got him straight back in the game as he threw him the ball the next over (he caught it this time). Ironically, his first ball was skied in the direction of the covers and for once was rather nervously taken by Gumbo (with a little help from his chin).


The Maniacs finally declared on 224 after a good knock from their coach and some aggressive hitting from the tail end batsman.


Typically, after an appropriately long tea and too many cakes, the Maladroit openers didn’t really do themselves justice. With a slip cordon simulating a 1980’s West Indies team the field was wide open for runs.....three balls in and the keeper took his first catch. Mark Bowden, Bobby and Ash (39) batted well after the early lose however wickets came too regularly. This was certainly apparent as the Maniacs took 3 wickets in as many balls (think Jamo was in a rush to get to dinner and Dom hadn’t quite perfected the high elbow in the nets earlier in the day). A mention must go out to Gumbo and Scouse as they both batted well under the pressure and Scouse even hit a four off his back foot, in front of square!


Alas, a dogged last wicket stand was not good enough to save the match and the Manics came away with a deserved victory. Nets and fielding practice are already in the diary......



Match Summary



James ‘Scouse’ Fisher

Fielder of the Day

James ‘Scouse’ Fisher


Tim Doyle


Away game but good selection of cakes.

Notable Performances

Richard Newman- 3 for 54 off 10; Dom Moore 3 for 62 off 12; Ashley Retter- 39

Quote of the Day

“Did you not hear me call it was my catch?”