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Definition of "Maladroits"

Not adroit; clumsy; inept; awkward.



Maladroits extend their winning sequence...


Ash Retter reporting

  • v Mustard Mennaces
  • Sheen Park
  • Sunday May 31st
  • Sheen won by 4 wickets


Mustard Menaces 187 for 7 off 40 over, Maladroits 188 for 6.


We gathered on what was a warm (26 degrees) and beautiful summer Sunday. The coin flew and our but we did not win, again, Maladroits to field in the heat. 10 men took to the field full of enthusiasm, buoyed by the late arrival of star bowler Ed Bowes. The wicket was dry, a good track with plenty of grass, and no dog sh..t to be seen. The outfield was dry and grass short, it looked quick.


With Tricky and new signing Rob Bowen opening the attack with some quality pace it was not long before we got our first break clean bowled by a peach from Bowen. A short right hand boundary and quick outfield, coupled with some useful partnerships meant fielding was tough, running for the ball hard work, and several lucky boundaries. Dives for the ball soon stopped as we realised how hard the ground was. That said our fielding was generally good, some interesting Retter fumbles and Jamo ‘boundary crawl followed by ground beating with the fist’ (you had to be there I think, difficult to do it justice!) kept spirits up.


I forget exact details but as could only be expected at some point the Maladroits were waning. An inspired bowling change by captain Brewer bringing on late arrival Bowes brought a much needed break. Lees, Jamo, Bobby Nelson and Tom Daniel each bowled good spells, Lees and Jamo with their well flighted spin, Nelson with his pace and Daniels responded delightfully to a switch from the pavilion end. Wickets ensued.


Menaces went in for drinks on about a 100, the next 10 overs the Droits managed to pin them back to about 130. The last ten were hard work in the heat, particularly for the bowlers. The cross bat slog was wielded well by some spirited tail end batting that saw the Menaces see out their 40 overs and end on 187. Bowling figures of note Bowes 2 for 9 off 4, Bowen 2 for 22 off 8. Have to mention two stumpings from Boozer, and Leesy would expect me to mention the third that got away. Tricky deserved more than one for his solid spell off a new shortened run up, as did Nelson and Jamo.


Tea was generally well received, with Lock and Lees noting their pleasure at seeing crusty bread and pickles brought out to play. Points lost for ‘dodgy reconstituted turkey’ (it was chicken) and as per skip bad presentation, haribo and jelly babies only unpacked half way through tea. I gauged the average score to be about 73%, so well done and thanks to Ash and Jamo.


187 to win. JC opened with Lees. An excellent partnership ensued, JC slapping it about like a true opener… knocking a quick 61 off about 30 balls, and all with a brand new bat. JC fell, Lock fell (in his own words at DOD nominations – ‘me for facing 5 balls this season, hitting none and scoring none’) with his second duck of the season. Retter came and went cheaply having taken on a suicidal run, he can only blame himself, and is looking forward to batting with Lees again. Bowes added, Lees anchored the top half with a slow but very handy 32, and up stepped Boozer to produce a classic captains innings. As always leading by example, apart from the missed stumping, he notched up a solid 38, punished the bad balls, hit the winning runs and carried his bat.

188 for 6 with overs to spare. A good win.



Match Summary



Fielder of the Day



Ed Ryder- noted on Lower Richmond Road 1 hour before the start when the team were one short and in need of 'commitment'.


72%- Ash and Jamo

Notable Performances

Bowes- 2 wickets, Boozer- 2 stumpings

JC- 61

Quote of the Day

[DOD nominations]… “me for facing 5 balls this season, hitting none and scoring none”. E Lock. (PS- Locky went on to score 4 in the next match....)