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Definition of "Maladroits"

Not adroit; clumsy; inept; awkward.



Bealo knocks Robbo over to seal revenge for 2008s defeat..


Phil NB reporting

  • v Robbo's XI
  • Wandsworth Common
  • Sunday May 31st
  • Maladroits won by 26 runs


Maladroits 156 for 7, Robbos XI 130 all out


On Tuesday 11th August the Maladroits gathered in the glorious sunlight to play against Henry Robson’s XI.  The venue consisted of the pitches at Wandsworth which had already been the focus of comment after dangerous bounce had helped remove a keeper’s front tooth earlier in the season, leading to the council banning play of one of the three available pitches.  


Winning the toss Robbo sent in the Maladroits in what was to be a 16 over game, with a maximum of three overs per bowler.  JC and Leesy started off proceedings and kept the run rate ticking along until Leesy was caught and Charlie Hanbury took to the pitch.  Conditions were fair and the pace attack quickly dissolved into a pie throwing contest which the greedy Maladroits were only too happy to gorge on.  JC retired on 25 and was followed by Wez whose pinch hitting heralded several maximums, none so impressive as a large 6 over square leg having been hit in the solar plexus the ball before. 


With all the Maladroits contributing well Mike Brenner, Scouse and Jamo were the last three in leaving the Maladroits on a respective 151 off their 16 overs. 


Opening up the attack Tom Daniell quickly found his range, bounce and wickets.  At the other end JC desperately searched for his.  Tom was taken off, somewhat unfairly, only to avoid injury (to the opposition) and the spin magic of Brenner and Brewer got to work in the gathering gloom.  Around this point a very unfortunate situation occurred when Jamo, stooping low to pouch a boomer in the ring, yelped out in pain as the ball blasted into the palm of his hand.  Jamo played on but the onset of swelling and what turned out to be a badly broken thumb knuckle meant that he was shortly replaced on the field of play by Holly Merriman.  Respect should go to Holly who picks up her first cap for the Maladroits.


Wickets continued to fall with regularity and as Robbo's team reached 130 Phil NB stood up to bowl spin in the final over.  As luck would have it two quick wickets fell, one being the scalp of Robbo for a Golden Duck. 


Having lost off the last ball a year before it was great to level the series though gutting to see Jamo leaving the field of play injured.  Spectators and players alike then decamped to the pub to end what was a beautiful evening.


MCC: Charlie Hanbury, Scouse, Jamo, Holly, Leesy, Charlie Brewer, Phil NB, Tom Daniell, Wez, Leesy’s mate Nick, Mike Brenner, JC




Match Summary


Wez- 25*

Fielder of the Day

Holly Merriman


Scouse- For heading the ball over the boundary rope..