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Definition of "Maladroits"

Not adroit; clumsy; inept; awkward.



Edward Bowes


DOB 12th October 1979
ROLE Opening batsmen, moon balls, specialist slip
INTERESTS Hair brushing, Question Time
FOUND IN? Suburbia, The boardroom (when the crickets on)
QUOTED Not my problem
CRICKETING IDOL James Kirtley, Luke Wright


Known for his smooth strokes and ability to untangle any mess the Maladroits may get themselves into, Ed is one of the founding members and often the corner stone an innings. Whilst he has proven his worth as a batsman and the only Maladroit to take a catch in the slips, his bowling is not something to be desired (unless you are the batsman). His tactics of using a ‘Moon’ ball has only really worked on one occasion whilst on tour in Milan. I say worked, it did for the first 2 overs where he must have been the first Maladroit to bowl 11 balls without conceding a run. Unfortunately this did not last, since Ed Ryder then spent much of his time looking for the ball in the nearby field. Ed, stick to brushing hair, it seems to work better for you.