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Definition of "Maladroits"

Not adroit; clumsy; inept; awkward.



Peter Britten


DATE OF BIRTH 7th June 1979
ROLE Middle Order Batsmen/ Top 10 fielder
FAVOURITE SHOT Leg side swipe
INTERESTS Booze, Football, Skirt and Literature
FOUND IN? .. a work mate


Gumbo worked on his game in the early years playing corridor cricket. As a result he has developed a fearsome tweak, a keen eye for the spinning delivery, and an ability to conceal a tennis ball up his arse.  The latter has proved a priceless skill through a decade of harbouring various contraband into cricket stadiums across the world.   Once famed for his tediously slow run-rate, he has added a couple of shots to his game through later years.  As a bowler he rarely gets a chance, harsh perhaps for a such a golden arm, but perhaps due to the embarrassment by bowling riches for which the Maladroit captain is blessed.  Gumbo fields like a foreign goalkeeper, diving theatrically at backward point, while often favouring the punch over the regulation catch.  A Maladroit since the beginning, Gumbo status has been rewarded with the coveted title of social sec for the 2008 season.  Don't expect many events outside a 200 yrd radius of Clapham Common tube, but you can be assured of plenty of liquid refreshment and a steady stream of amusing female encounters.