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Definition of "Maladroits"

Not adroit; clumsy; inept; awkward.



Philip Christie


DOB 24th July 1980
ROLE Fast bowler, Run the bath when he goes out to bat
FAVOURITE SHOT Soft handed forward defensive
INTERESTS All Saints, Gareth Gates, Daniel Beddingfield
FOUND IN? A grimey back street pub watching a band noone has heard of


As a veteran of the Milan Tour (0 runs, 0 wickets, 0 catches held) and increasingly regular sunday player Phil brings a much needed ´touch of the arts´ to the team - whether sporting a caramel fringe, discussing the merits of danish euro-pop or describing time spent in Vauxhall´s finest clubs (no, not Surrey CCC) he is very much the team´s cultural heart and soul. His cricketing skills are perhaps less central though with a Dom Moore-esque shuffle he can find early season swing and late season runs.